Friday, July 13, 2012

A Neater Perspective

Do you remember this closet from my In My Corner section?  Well I decided that this was too messy and needed a revamp. Especially with all the new bolts of fabric I have been getting in. Yes I said bolts. I started to sell some of the fabric so I opened a shop on etsy to help me as well as give customers knowledge of the fabrics I have in stock. My fabric store is .
So we pulled out these towers and my husband put together the new shelve from ikea (which was on sale hurray). 

I then used the card board pieces you put in comic book packages (courteousy of my husbands collection and a few more) and wrapped my free standing yardage around all folded. I folded the fabric in thirds while it was folded in the normal half in comes as and then wrapped it instead of the way shown in the above link. And look how neat and organize I look. I also found this blog entry with lots of different ways you can store your fabric . 

This tower is pure beauty. Everytime I look at it I sigh.  I love how it looks and every piece of fabric is so easy to get to.  Now may I just say if you want to do this at home.  Don't wait until you have over 100 yards to fold. It took me 3 days to fold all that fabric.  Oh and the 100 yards does not include any of those bolts of fabric up there.  I also reorganized my kitchen nook and found too many projects unfinished and patterns not put away.  It took me a total of two weeks to get reorganized and I have only lived here 10 months.  I decided to be much neater and make myself put things away now. It deffinately looks neater. 

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