Thursday, May 10, 2012

Perfect Baby Shower Packages

So far I have created two baby packages that include a tie/bowtie onesie, suspenders and matching shoes in my store.

 I plan on making more and I now have tons of tie and bowtie onesies to start posting in my shop that I have made for craft fairs as well. 

All the ties and bowties are machine embroidered with my machine. This is great since I have a machine but does take skill to keep placement perfect.  I got the the tie and bowtie embroidery from different stores online and both have been well used.

Although I must show off some applique ties that I think are just adorable from AC Embroidery

I got the suspender pattern from Little Lizard King . It is easy to follow and perfect  for even the begginer sewer.  It starts at size 3 month and goes to size 10.  A great addition to my store and to make matching brother outfits for my girl and baby products. 

Next came the shoes and I love this reversible pattern by Petit Boo .  She gives full illustrated pictures for each step which makes this pattern also good for beginners.  The hardest part is keeping your seam allowances around curves. 

 I also bought this pattern but I haven't made it yet.
Picture from Petit Boo's shop.
I love finding new patterns and making beautiful things people love.  Thanks to these wonderful people who are willing to sell their patterns so I can just do what I truely  (I did not recieve anything from any of the above sites to be featured here).