Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today's Projects

Okay so this one was not today’s, this was last Sunday. I made these journal jars for girl’s camp. The girls loved them by the way.These shirts were my projects for today though they are ones I sold to someone who also won a give-away I did on a friend’s blog.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My busy day

Today while my son slept I worked on gifts for the young women for girl’s camp. I finished one testimony book:

Here is me putting the paper on the cover:

The gluing process continued:

The printed inside which I put together by sewing the middle (by hand like old binding is done):

Here is the book completed but still drying hence the scrap pieces of paper in the cover. So only 6 more to go. I got the instructions from Martha Stewart’s web page. Google how to bind a book and you should find it. :

Then I needed to get a sample napkin done for a customer and now I have my fingers crossed that she’ll pick me to do the whole order.

Then I got a little time to work on Justin’s Easter outfit:

Where do I get the time you may ask, I don’t know maybe my son doesn’t actually sleep as long as it takes me to do all this. And he doesn’t call for me for a awhile after he wakes.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Dress for Molly

I got to make a dress for a good friend of mine for an "eye" ball she was going to as a school event for her husband's optometry school.  It took me about 8 hours and she picked the colors and pattern.  It was fun to go hang out with her at Joann's and to see her face light up when she saw it done. She is suppose to send me or post pictures on her blog of her all done up for the event so I'll add pictures or a link when I get it.  Meanwhile here it is on the hanger:

My "Mane" Man

I did this for Justin with my embroidery machine. I am selling embroidered onesies at my etsy shop  This one isn't on there yet but you can do requests if you want.

My Pioneer Experience

Okay so I got this great idea to make my outfits for the pioneer trek and that isn't the problem the problem was I was going to make an outfit to go to the kick-off hoe down and remembered that I hadn't the morning of the event. So after going to Joann's and picking fabric I spent the rest of the day sewing and this is what I made:
Susan was kind enough to watch Justin that night and thought I looked cute which made her my best friend.  I got to the event to find barely even the adults dressed and the kids who where supposingly wearing at least sunday dress to be in jeans and a t-shirt I almost didn't go in.