Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make Your Own Hooded Towel

These are the perfect towels for your little and not so little ones. My children love the hooded towels after their bath or showers but they don't make them for toddlers/up to 5 year olds. So here's an easy way to make some on your own. (And yes that is my son in a pink towel I wanted the bigger version actually on a bigger kid so just don't tell my husband!) 

So what you need is 1 wash cloth and 1 oversize towel.  Use the small wash clothes for up to age 2 and the hand towels for older ages. I pictured both. The purple one is for the younger age and the pink is for older. 

Cut the wash cloth down keeping the decorative strip if you have one to 8 inches wide. For the older one cut to 10 inches.  If you are making this using a hand towel you can actually make two with one hand towel so if you want you can buy two towels and have a spare.  These are super quick and it actually took longer for the embroidery then to put these together.

So now if you have an embroidery maching or letter writing on your machine you can add an image or saying to the towel as shown above.  You can also totally skipp this step if you want. 

Fold your hood rightsides together and sew a 3/8 seam along raw edge (this is the edge you cut to get to the appropiate width).  I also serged the edge with my serger. If you do not have a serger you can use a zig-zag stitch along the edge and get similar results in this case.

Turn your hood right side out.

Fold your towel in half and mark the middle with a pin.

Aline the center seam of hood with the middle of towel and pin along the edge with right sides together. 

Sew a 3/8 seam attaching hood to towel remember to remove pins as you go so you don't run over them.  I did not serge this time as the edges were both a finished edge of the towel.  I do suggest a zigzag stitch next to seam to reinforce.

And now you are all done.  And have the perfect towel to wrap your little one in. 


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