Monday, November 7, 2011

The Cutest Summer Sandals Ever

I was browsing on Etsy (I know what a concept) and I came across this great pattern from Two Girls Patterns . Simply Summer Sandals it was called and I just knew my little girl had to have a pair made by me.

Of course it doesn't hurt that I can sell them in my shop and at fairs either (Up To My Knees In Crafts if you are interested).  I have to say though the patterns are very well made too. Easy to understand and great pictures help me to rave about this pattern. It is always nice to see a great idea with well made instructions.  So if you are a baby crochetaholic I have to say this is a must have pattern. 
How to add the beads are not included in the pattern that was just a little something I had to add for a special touch, set me apart so to speak. 

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