Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My First Boutique Order

Right before I moved into our new house I got an order from Amber at Buttercup Boutique in Dickson, TN ( ).
This picture is from her web-site promoting her new little boutique. 
Anyway I felt horrible for the delay moving caused in her order but hopefully she can overlook that when she sees how cute her jackets came out. I love them.  I added a lining to my already popular jacket
Corduroy Jacket with Flower Size 3,4,5,6,7 or 8 And here they are Now I have to say before hand the picture taking part is not my area that is why I have others do it for me. But I have to have some flaw and I more then make up for it in my skills sewing. 

I had these embroidery designs for the flowers from Design By Juju - . I just put a layer of corduroy on the bottom, stiffen felt in the middle and the fabric on top and cut the flowers out using applique scissors and hand sewed them on. 

For these beautiful pinwheel flowers I used Kari Me Aways design and tools ( )


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  1. LOVE THEM. My fave is the green one and if Addy was big enough to wear it I would totally buy it! :) CONGRATS. I am still considering buying that ruffle romper by the way... we'll talk about it! :) CONGRATS on the boutique order.